Amiante360: the solution for simplifying asbestos risk management. An ideal tool for worksite management and operator exposure monitoring.

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Démarche simplifiée

Simplified document management

Generate worksite documents in just a few clicks

Facilitée d'échanges

Easy exchange procedures

Centralise and share your data on a secure platform

Occupation optimisée

Worksite monitoring

Easily monitor your worksites and operator exposure

Oversee your worksites where asbestos is present with Amiante360

In a complex and constantly changing regulatory context, Amiante360 supports works contractors with the monitoring of asbestos removal tasks. Offering a truly collaborative platform, this solution facilitates exchanges between the various stakeholders (operators, foremen, site managers, human resources and administrative departments, etc.) and enables fully secure data management.

What do the regulations say?

In respect of the risks related to works where asbestos is present, company managers and those in charge of asbestos removal work are bound by a certain number of regulatory obligations imposed by the French Labour Code.  These obligations essentially concern the provision of information and training to workers, worksite organisation, the drawing up of removal plans, the monitoring of workers’ exposure, correspondence with institutional bodies, and the production and archiving of all regulatory documents.

Amiante360 is a tool for monitoring worksites and staff exposure within the framework of asbestos removal operations. It is presented in the form of a tool for managing the exposure time of operators and their equipment on site, and can be used to edit and archive the documents associated with each worksite.

Amiante360-Exposition: how does its work?

  • Centralise your data (operators, equipment, processes and worksites) on Amiante360
  • Organise your asbestos removal sites and draw up your removal plans and operating procedures
  • Monitor your asbestos removal sites (materials, employees, procedures and worksite documents), employee training, and periodical revisions of the equipment allocated to the worksites
  • Manage exposure of on-site operators and their equipment
  • Monitor employee exposure times and work-shift entry in real time
  • Generate and distribute exposure sheets (framework for correspondence with the occupational health care service, etc.)
  • Track correspondence with external bodies and the dates of periodical medical appointments
  • Archive your worksite documents (asbestos waste tracking forms, work-shift sheets, exposure sheets, removal plans, etc.)

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A customised offer

Available online by subscription, Amiante360 offers you packages suited to your specific professional requirements.