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Simplifying and improving the entire value chain of construction projects, in both field and office, by providing our clients with solutions that leverage the best of the trade, technology and standards.

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Make construction simple

" The world of construction is evolving and changing, with legal and professional constraints, environmental issues and rapid transformation in processes, etc.
Sogelink are convinced that these new realities must not complicate the daily lives of those who design, bring to life and improve the infrastructures and buildings of today and tomorrow.
That's why, for those who see constraints, we offer solutions.
For those who see complexity, we suggest simplicity.
For those undergoing these changes, we can demonstrate how they can be beneficial.
Whether in the office or on the construction site, whatever the needs or trade, across the entire construction value chain, we have developed a wide range of intelligent solutions to simplify your projects, ensure data continuity and share information safely. Our innovations, are helping to build the world of tomorrow, while, as far as possible, ensuring a stress-free daily life."

Fatima Berral, CEO Sogelink Group

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