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At the Sogelink Group, we’re convinced that professional development is everyone’s business.  Employees, the management team and human resources are working together to build each employee’s career.

We’re committed to ensuring that our employees progress every day, in a friendly working atmosphere and with a positive and passionate state of mind. Everyone has the opportunity for growth and professional development.

We regularly recruit a variety of profiles and skills within our different teams (sales, development, R&D, support, training, customer experience, marketing, accounting, etc.).

Located in the heart of dynamic and pleasant urban areas such as Oslo, Utrecht, Budapest, Lyon and Nantes, Sogelink has maintained its start-up spirit whilst becoming a large company !


Joining Sogelink means :

  • Collaborating with a positive state of mind, focusing on teamwork and sharing experiences.
  • Benefiting from a personalised training programme throughout your career
  • Being offered opportunities for development and internal mobility at European level
  • Enjoying company life and taking part in collaborative, fun events
  • Choosing a committed and responsible company

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Our 3 values


These values are Sogelink DNA’s, the driving force that allows us to build and grow together. They give us guidance on how to work and live together while guaranteeing each individual’s fulfilment, the Group’s success and our customers’ satisfaction.



Being bold means daring to go further, trusting one’s convictions, leaving your comfort zone and restrictions without fearing the judgment of others (while ultimately respecting the Group’s decisions, after constructive exchanges, if opinions are different).


A bold employee moves forward and always keeps the Group one step ahead.



Being inclusive means considering, tolerating, respecting and accepting everyone. Employees are benevolent, listen to others and don’t judge people.


Inclusion establishes a respectful, trusting, privileged and personalized relationship with clients, colleagues and all Group employees, regardless of their position, allowing the differences of others to deliver enrichment.


An inclusive company promotes regular reciprocal communication that guarantees responsiveness and respect for commitments.


Being driven means to lead, adapt to changes, and to envisage with motivation and reliability. It is to stay on board and live the Sogelink adventure as a team member.


Drive goes beyond expectations.