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Our ESG approach

To act with the stakeholders within our ecosystem (customers, suppliers, other society actors ) for a socially responsible world (social, ethical and environmental)


To attract, retain and grow our talent


Once integrated, Sogelink’s career management system will enable you to progress through the Group.   


A diversity action plan is monitored annually. 


The creation of a mentoring programme, annual participation in the European Week for the Employment of Disabled People and many other initiatives are all part of Sogelink’s action plan. 


At Sogelink, we maintain gender equality in many ways: career development, promotions, remuneration, training, support during maternity leave, considering personal issues, mentoring, etc. 


To create sustainable and responsible business


Our ethical commitment is critical to our success because it impacts every aspect of our business: our customer reputation, our supplier and subcontractor relationships and interactions between people in our workplace.   


To this end, a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics was signed in 2020 to outline the responsibilities and commitments of all Group employees. 

To preserve our Planet

To preserve our planet 

The Group performs various initiatives to protect the environment. 


Time for the Planet

Since 2020, Sogelink has been committed to Time for the Planet, one of the first organisations in France to raise funds to create 100 companies around the world prepared to fight climate change and participate in building a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive society. Beyond the environmental aspect, Time for the Planet defends values that are dear to Sogelink such as innovation, open sourcing and entrepreneurship. 


The GreenMakers

To go one step further, a group of volunteer employees, the GreenMakers, was set up in 2022 with the aim of building and deploying a Group action plan based on this environmental theme, in addition to the action already being taken by the management team. 


To make a positive impact on our ecosystem  


The Sogelink Foundation

In 2010, the disaster in Haiti made the headlines. Sogelink, wanting to celebrate its ten years of existence, decided to commit itself to humanitarian and/or solidarity associations in connection with its core business, the protection of underground and overhead networks. The Sogelink Corporate Foundation was thus created to give concrete form to this commitment and to make it permanent.
The purpose of the Foundation has since been extended to the improvement of material and human living conditions. 

Our 2023 commitments

To reduce our carbon footprint by lowering global electricity consumption

To improve gender parity

To implement a business Code of Conduct