Innovation Center


To meet its ambitious goals, Sogelink Group places a great importance to innovation.
It has also set up an Innovation Center which houses the group’s innovations and acquisitions, from their initiation to their success. In addition, the team carries out exploratory work on new technologies to predict the shifts in Construction Tech.


The digital twin at the heart of our research

A bridge between physical and virtual worlds

Digital twins are developed for a specific purpose, a city, a district, a traffic system or an agricultural area. They are use-case driven.​

Digital Twins connect through a federated structure to enable the exchange of data and data products.​

The architecture is then based on a combination of decentralized data storage, processing and application and a federated environment.

Each digital twin fits into an organization’s overall digital ecosystem like a puzzle piece, potentially along with several other twins for different assets or systems.​

These can be ‘federated’ or connected through securely shared data, for which interoperability and data governance are essential.​



Our digital twin is at the heart of a new governance strategy where merged information systems will unlock the full potential of data and effective decision-making.

Discover our Digital Twin for Dike reinforcements​ project

Dike reinforcements are essential in the Dutch Flood Protection Programme (HWBP).

Managers of primary flood defences must assess whether their measures meet the statutory safety requirements every twelve years.

The dike’s subsoil is one of the decisive factors in various processes that can lead to a dike bursting.

Until recently, subsurface data was still managed by various organisations, across different domains.

Together, The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Deltares, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Dutch Land Registry and Locatiqs-Geodan have worked on harmonising IT infrastructures and bringing all the actors together for efficient decision-making.

Locatiqs-Geodan has worked on a cross-disciplinary national Digital Twin for flood defence in the cloud, leveraging open standards, software and data such as IFC, 3Dtiling, Cesium, key registers, open data and knowledge experts’ models.

digital twins award at bim world 2023

Sogelink’s Dyke Reinforcement project wins a Digital Twin award at BIM World 2023


We are proud to announce that our Dyke reinforcement project won the special jury prize of the Digital Twins Awards organized at BIM World Paris, thanks to the “Digital Twin for reinforced dike”, a revolutionary technology carried out by the Geodan team (Locatiqs Group).


This prestigious reward is a great testimony to Sogelink’s capacity to innovate, and especially to our expertise on a key topic such as the fight against climate change in the construction industry.


Congratulations to everyone involved in this very first joint award for our Group, with a special thanks to Corentin Kuster, Brian de Vogel and Laurent Bartholomeus (pictured on the right), without whom this great success wouldn’t have been possible.