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Digital Twin

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Explore the various Sogelink resources to learn all about Digital Twin and its application in the construction industry.

By combining various data sources and incorporating specific details for each case, Digital Twin technology enables the construction of a more accurate representation of an object and its environment, with real-time updates.

Learn more about this extremely innovative technology that is set to revolutionize the future of the construction sector.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin explained

Digital Twin: A digital copy of physical reality and its surroundings. We offer Digital Twins as a solution to your challenges. Utilize a Digital Twin to gain fresh insights, refine solutions, and bolster decision-making support.


We’re delighted to share our expertise on Digital Twins in our FAQ. It encompasses the definition of a Digital Twin, frequently asked questions, and relevant examples.


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Digital Twin

Digital Twin of the underground

The Dutch Key Registry of the Subsurface Act (BRO) provides extensive data on the Dutch subsurface.


Sogelink has actively contributed to BRO, providing a Digital Twin of the Lekdijk to address complex societal challenges using subsurface data. Read more in our article about the Digital Twin for the underground.


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