Sogelink Acquires Dutch software company Regeldienst with the support of Keensight Capital

published on 2 October


Lyon, 2nd of OctoberSogelink, a leading European provider of software solutions for infrastructure, construction, and property management professionals, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Regeldienst, a renowned Dutch software company specializing in software solutions for the public sector. Sogelink, through solutions provided to decentralized Dutch governments under the Geodan brand will form a strategic partnership with Regeldienst.

The partnership will combine the strengths and expertise of both companies for the benefit of local government internet domains, enabling them to deliver comprehensive software platforms which will assist local governments in their preparation for the Environment and Planning Act which the Dutch government is introducing to simplify and merge the rules for spatial development. Sogelink is backed by Keensight,Capital, one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout investments.

The Netherlands is an international leader in optimizing the permit application process and Sogelink has the ambition to also apply the knowledge and experience in this domain internationally, especially in markets such as France and the Nordics to optimize the services provided by local authorities, maximising international opportunities for growth. By leveraging their extensive product portfolio and industry knowledge, the combined entity will empower government agencies to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional services to their constituents.

Fatima Berral, CEO of Sogelink, expressed her excitement about the acquisition, saying, “the acquisition of Regeldienst is perfectly in line with our desire to export our expertise to other countries to contribute to improving the digitization and sustainability of the infrastructure and construction environments. It will also enable us to deploy the system of the DSO (Digital System Environmental Act) more broadly and thus raise the level of services provided by local and regional authorities across the board. We look forward to working closely with the Regeldienst teams and sharing our know-how and expertise. As Sogelink continues to grow, our collaboration with Keensight, and the relationship of mutual trust and listening we enjoy, are essential to the Group’s development”.

Both companies are committed to a smooth transition and seamless integration of their operations. Existing clients of both Sogelink and Regeldienst can expect continued support and enhancements to their software solutions, along with access to the combined expertise of the merged entity.


About Sogelink

Sogelink is a pure software, cloud and mobile solutions provider for the construction sector and has driven the digitalization of its ecosystem over two decades. Sogelink acquired LOCATIQS Group (the combination of GOconnectIT and Geodan) as their Dutch subsidiary in 2022. Sogelink aims to make construction simple for everyone and everywhere.

They support every stakeholder (e.g. civil engineers, land surveyors, contractors, network owners, engineering design offices and public authorities) involved in the infrastructure, building sites and urban resource management ecosystems, offering an innovative and efficient approach to digital transition, building information and city information modelling. Sogelink is the undisputed leader of the Construction Tech market in Europe serving over 18,000 clients and 220,000 users ensuring continuity of data from field to office, across the entire value chain.


About Regeldienst

Regeldienst is a renowned software company dedicated to developing solutions for the public sector. Their products empower government agencies to streamline operations and improve service delivery. With a strong emphasis on usability, Regeldienst has gained recognition for its commitment to customer satisfaction.


About Keensight Capital

Keensight Capital, one of the leading European Growth Buyout firms, is committed to supporting entrepreneurs as they implement their growth strategies. For over 20 years, Keensight Capital’s team of seasoned professionals has leveraged their knowledge of investment and growth industries to invest for the long term in profitable companies with high growth potential and revenues in the range of €10 million to €400 million.

Drawing on its expertise in the Technology and Healthcare sectors, Keensight identifies the best investment opportunities in Europe and works closely with management teams to develop and achieve their strategic vision. Keensight Capital’s success has also earned it a Gold Award from the Private Equity Exchange & Awards each year for the last six consecutive years, and in particular, the Best European Growth Private Equity Fund.



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