Process optimisation,
cost control, etc.

Your documents made 100% paperless

Going paperless represents a real challenge in terms of processing security and speed. The letters, faxes and large plans you receive can cause real problems in terms of day-to-day management.

Sogelink currently centralises thousands of documents (DTs, ATUs, DICTs, Receipts, ARTICLE 2s, Plans, etc.) and offers services suited to your needs. Our dedicated service takes charge of all your documents and rapidly integrates them into our various solutions. Automated data retrieval will allow you to avoid all unnecessary entry tasks.

Digitisation services

  • Digitisation, enrichment and tracking of receipts for project managers and works contractors
  • Digitisation and enrichment of documents for network operators

Task delegation service

Don’t have the time or resources required to process all your regulatory documents? Whether you are a project manager, works contractor or network operator, our team of experts will take responsibility, on your behalf and according to your instructions, for the completion of your procedures within the time limits imposed by the applicable regulations.

Delegation services

  • Complete delegation
  • Management of receipts/plans for network operators
  • Management of declarations for project managers and works contractors

Over 2000 customers have already chosen our dematerialisation and delegation services.

The advantages

  • 17 years of experience
  • Receipts sent in less than 48 hours
  • Dematerialisation in less than 24 hours

Previous customers

Delegated management of the establishment and submission of over 11,000 DTs on behalf of GIE Fibr’Alsace within the framework of the FTTH fibre roll-out project across the Alsace region.