The solution to simplify asbestos management for roads and other transportation infrastructures. A concrete answer to map and share the results of asbestos search results.

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Asbestos mapping in mixed asphalt roads

Take advantage of both precise and simple localization

Partage de données

Data sharing

Centralize asbestos data on a secured cloud platform

Maitriser budget

Budget management

Avoid excess costs related to unnecessary asbestos search operations

Simplify asbestos management in mixed asphalt roads with Amiante360-Voirie

Amiante360-Voirie is a visual database of asbestos search results and findings (mixed asphalt or underground pipelines). It is the best solution to share all the asbestos location information with all the relevant stakeholders (public work companies, roads administrations and managers...).

What are the regulation requirements?

In France and other countries, the regulation clearly classifies mixed asphalts as immoveable by nature. When these materials contain asbestos, they might lead to risky situations for road workers health, especially when asbestos is discovered during the operations and can lead to the interruption of the whole project and works disruptions.
In France specifically, since the adoption of the 9/05/2017 Decree, the Labor code requires that owners, originators, and contractors have realized an asbestos research mission (generally ordered to a specialized operator) before the start of any public or private works project. These new obligations require an application decree and Norms. Therefore, they will come into force by the October 1.

Amiante360-Voirie combines an intuitive and shared mapping with a full conformity with regulations.

Amiante360-Voirie: how does it work?

  • Save easily your road corings tests results and reports 

  • Access to the asbestos findings in the area

  • Find other reports and results available in the area. Our database consolidates contributions of all the Amiante 360 Voirie subscribers

  • Have a one-clic view of key information of asbestos findings and road coring tests (number of layers, depth…)

  • Use all different map formats (DWG, SHP, GML)

  • Share the results of asbestos findings with all the relevant stakeholders

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