A Word from the Founder

Sogelink was founded in October 2000 on the basis of a simple yet ambitious concept: facilitating the compulsory administrative procedures to be completed by works companies, in order to optimise the processing time and cost of these numerous and tedious declarations.

With the “first cloud-based global digitisation solution for construction and public works operators” we have created a new market, and DICT.fr has very quickly imposed itself as the leading solution, processing over 70% of worksite declarations in France and up to 200,000 documents per day.

Innovation has been a key driver of our company’s success over the past 20 years, but even more important has been our ability to anticipate future usages, and indeed to revolutionise current usages, something which has made Sogelink a leading player among publishers of SaaS solutions and professional software.

These past few years, the acquisitions made demonstrated Sogelink’s ability to enhance its core offer with further market-leading solutions complementing the requirements of its customers, whether project owners, design offices, local authorities or works companies.

All these SaaS, software or mobile solutions, interconnected to share documents, geographical information and project data in real time, allow us to continuously devise new applications. Developed around a brand new mapping engine, this “cloud-based” application suite has once again revolutionised methods of use.

Our ambition has naturally led us to pursue international development across all our areas of expertise. Land2Map is our first step on this journey. We are delighted to see that the European distribution of this multilingual terrain-focussed software solution, with its unique AutoCAD-based architecture, compatible with most of the leading topographic equipment on the market, has already proven to be successful.

Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of the concerns of Sogelink’s 196 employees, as has progress, one of the fundamental values to which we all adhere, and a driving force behind every one of our projects. Building on these fundamental values, we have made it our mission to “bring together on a single collaborative platform the entire ecosystem of works, infrastructure and property,” with the following promise: Sogelink So Easy.

Ignace Vantorre Founder