Sogelink Foundation

In 2010, the disaster in Haiti hit the front pages. Sogelink, as a way of marking its 10th anniversary at the time, decided to get involved with humanitarian associations in connection with its core business, the protection of underground and overhead networks. Sogelink’s Corporate Foundation was thus set up to coordinate and maintain this commitment over the long term. Initially planned for five years, the Sogelink Foundation was renewed by agreement with our employees in 2016 for a further five years. The Sogelink Foundation reflects the company’s fundamental values.

Today, the aim of our foundation is to support or initiate, both in France and abroad, any action intended to “improve living conditions”, whether they are:

  • Material needs (technology and research): access to water, sanitation, electricity and telecommunications, particularly through the deployment of infrastructure and/or pipelines, but also including awareness-raising and public engagement campaigns.
  • Human needs: development of social cohesion, education, access to health, culture, protection of the immediate living environment, etc.

In parallel to the financial support provided by the Foundation, projects are supported internally by a staff volunteer team, the LinkMakers, whose aim is to promote the charities and, if possible, complement the financial support through fundraising activities.

It is therefore particularly active in the field of humanitarian work alongside charities or NGOs which organise these types of projects.

We wanted to involve our company in a meaningful project connected to the management of works close to networks, Sogelink’s core business. We are keen to commit ourselves, along with our staff, to the concept of “corporate citizenship” and we hope that by contributing to beneficial network construction projects we will be able to help some of the most disadvantaged sections of the population to access essential resources such as water and electricity.