Maplink: the cartographic solution for managing your networks and urban properties.

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Gestion dynamique patrimoine

Dynamic property management

Visualise your data and track your networks

Facilitée d'échanges

Shared data

Optimise the management of your information


An intuitive tool

Benefit from an intuitive and scalable tool

Easily manage your networks and property with Maplink

Maplink is an ideal mapping tool which brings your cartographic data to life and ensures optimal information management.

Visualisation of georeferenced data

Maplink is renowned for the performance of its mapping engine, enabling:

  • Rapid display of your network data (public lighting, water, sanitation, telecoms, etc.) and your urban property (lighting points, traffic lights, surveillance cameras, trees, etc.)
  • Presentation of your information against the background of your choice (IGN, Orthophoto, OpenStreetMap, etc.)
  • Provision of navigation and (linear and surface) measurement tools

Combined with our solution, Maplink also offers advanced functions such as:

  • The display of different layers of operated networks, with the worksite scopes in the declarations sent via
  • The risk analysis and extraction of plans to be included with the receipt

Network tracking

Thanks to its ergonomic and intuitive interface, Maplink considerably facilitates the tracking of your networks:

  • Drawing and modifications in just a few clicks
  • Positioning of your objects and completion of their attributive information
  • Exporting of map layers for your network in Shapefile format

Map layer management

Maplink includes an administration interface for very simple customisation of your tool, enabling:

  • Interconnection with an existing GIS tool by configuring a remote customer layer
  • Importing of your cartographic data in Shapefile format (definition and management of the symbology of your data and the projection system)
  • Publication of works tracked with Maplink via the visualisation interface