The 100% AutoCAD touchscreen tablet solution for building surveys.

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2D/3D building surveys

Perform 2D/3D building surveys with or without measuring equipment

100% Autocad

100% AutoCAD touchscreen tablet

Survey, stake out and draw with the same tool

Loi Carrez

Carrez Law

Enhance your plans with co-ownership and quantity-measurement data

Build2Map, a simple, user-friendly tool for building surveys

Build2Map is a software program for the accurate completion of building surveys:

  • 2D/3D detailed plans and co-ownership plans

  • Facade surveys  

Used with a distance meter via Bluetooth connection or with a topographic station, Build2Map can be used to survey and draw a plan in AutoCAD in a single operation.

The software is fully configurable for adaptation to the specifications of land surveyors, topographers, architects and construction or interior fit-out companies (kitchen installers, etc).

Build2Map comes in three versions to provide a tailored response to the specific needs of professionals.

Build2Map Office: a 100% office version dedicated to reporting

Build2Map Office is the ideal complement to AutoCAD for digitalisation of your paper sketches. It offers the advantage of being able to retain your own terrain measurement method while benefiting, in the office, from a powerful CAD environment, considerably simplifying the reporting phase.

Build2Map offers:

  • An innovative and intuitive user experience facilitating survey correction
  • A multi-room adjustment function to precisely orient your rooms
  • A co-ownership management module (management of lots, surface areas, coefficients, proportions)
  • Simple annotation management (texts, photos, sketches)

Build2Map Essentiel: a field software for distance meter and touchscreen tablet using the contour method

In its Essentiel version, Build2Map offers a contour method, using a distance meter and a tablet, connected by Bluetooth, enabling:

  • Automatic drawing of the AutoCAD plan
  • Real-time consistency control of measurements (diagonal, perpendicular, contour, etc.)
  • Measurement and management of ceiling heights: Carrez Law
  • Precise calculation of rooms
  • A “multi-room adjustment” to automatically assemble rooms in relation to each other


Build2Map Expert: a field software for distance meter and touchscreen tablet using the beam method

The Expert version of Build2Map offers a beam-based survey method. It includes the functions of the Essentiel version while also being able to perform:

  • High-precision surveys complying with the principles of station and traverse surveying
  • Complex 3D surveys taking account of posts, beams and complex arrangements

The Expert version of Build2Map is ideal for rapid and precise completion of facade surveys.

According to your specifications and the desired precision, the Expert version of Build2Map can be used either with a topographic station or a LEICA DISTOTM   S910.

  • Perform facade surveys with precision and with the ability to overlay photos onto a wall
  • Harness the power of AutoCAD in 3D and make use of various plan management methods (horizontal, vertical, oblique)
  • Considerably simplify measurement taking: the CAD plan is drawn directly in AutoCAD, avoiding blind surveys and scatter plots requiring interpretation